Chapter 1 - A long Line of Tobacco People

....After the Civil War concluded in 1865, twenty-one of EDA’s ancestors were landowners in or near the Dutchville area of Granville County, North Carolina and most were renown for growing the best tobacco in the land. When Ed's father married into the Lyon family, Caiaphus Sheppard Allen's first-born immediately became connected to a very successful tobacco family.

 Chapter 2 Lyons and Dukes

......Five years before W. Duke & Sons was established, the Lyon's "Pride of Durham" rolled out of the Lyon factory at the southwest corner of Pine St. (now South Roxboro) and East Pettigrew Street in Durham. "Pride of Durham" was an enormously successful brand for the Lyons and was sold throughout the country.

 Chapter 3 Mule Capital of the World

....There was more than likely a little less than forty acres in all the fields away from the house but that’s what Caiaphus called those fields, “the back forty”. "EDA" used the term “back forty” all his life when referring to a place down the path or down the road. These fields on the Creedmoor farm were accessed by a meandering path through the pine tree forest and Cap often rode one of the mules around the farm to admire the fast-growing tobacco. The smell of the pines was refreshing. When he was older, he took his father’s shotgun and went squirrel or rabbit hunting in the pine trees that sheltered the back forty tobacco fields. If he didn’t get a squirrel or a rabbit, he would shoot at pesky crows. He was a free spirit as a youngster and enjoyed unfettered access to the outdoors on the family spread. There was a small creek down the hill on the path to the tobacco fields and that was a good place to cool a cantaloupe or a watermelon to enjoy on the return trip to the house. He was also taught at an early age to be on the lookout for any cottonmouth snakes that occasionally were near the creek.

 Chapter 11 Rhodesia

.....Air travel to South Africa was not ideal in May of 1940. Not only was it a long trip by air, but today's readers must remember there was danger lurking in the skies of Europe at this time. World War II began after the September 1st, 1939 invasion of Poland by the Germans and the declaration of war against Germany by England. France immediately followed with a declaration of war two days later, September 3. After the so called "Phoney War" when there was seven months of non-action on the Western Front, the conflict erupted May 10th, 1940, only a few days after Bill, Ed, and Gladys left by train from Genoa to Rome. They were fortunate to clear Italy and into Cairo, Egypt before some routes were closed to commercial flights because of the advance and rapid success of the German War Machine across Europe. They were flying on a British airplane in a country that was friendly with Nazi Germany.

Chapter 15 The Cold War

....Also in the 50s, EDA and Gladys enjoyed new friends, fittingly named the "King St. Gang". The gang of friends played Canasata...........one of the memorable things the King Street gang did together was........

Chapter 19 Call Me Janitor # 1 

.....as far as I am concerned I had never been a title-minde person, I'd rather have a little extra green stuff...

Chapter 21 Tobacco Today

....Tobacco concerns are even moving into the marijuana industry wherever it's legal to smoke or use.....

Chapter 23 Business Principles

....why was the Canadian Leaf so successful in their business and how did they maintain a solid customer portfolio? What were the dynamics between people in the company and with clients that contributed to CLT's success?