Finished and enjoyed your book. Taking it to a friend to read who owned a warehouse in Rockingham County NC. Also liked Granville County stories as my wife’s people from Oxford were tobacco farmers. B. K.

I finally have finished reading your book!!   I enjoyed it very much, the stories added much to my enjoyment of the things happening behind the scenes. T. W.

Thrilled to see this International Review from the United Kingdom from a reader who wrote about my When Tobacco Was King book as follows: “A very well written account of the industry in Canada, but also giving insight to events in USA, UK and the rest of Europe and Africa, particularly Rhodesia.

A great read.”

Oh yes, the impact of tobacco, both economically and culturally, on the Delhi/Tillsonburg/Aylmer area, was profound and literally lifestyle-changing.  Whether your thoughts on tobacco are good, bad, or indifferent, one thing is for sure – tobacco changed the face of this area like no other commodity before it, or since.  Its historical significance to our community cannot be overstated.  One cannot talk about the history of this area without recognizing the important role played by tobacco in it.  And as such, your book, “When Tobacco Was King,” is a very important part of our local history, and long overdue. L. S.

 I like how you wove biography, social history and economic history together to tell the tale of EDA and CLT.


I ordered from Amazon, received in timely manner, and enjoyed Paul Allen’s book on the tobacco industry. The book is well written, factual and above all very interesting. A good read! J.W.

We all are very proud of what you have done. Especially those of us at one time or another have been involved in the tobacco industry.

Totally enjoyed your presentation.

Your father would be so proud of what you have accomplished. I was not aware of most of what you covered and found it fascinating. You might just find yourself on a TV documentary about your book.

It was nice meeting you as well and I really enjoyed your presentation. I did not know about the many tobacco history connections of North Carolina/VA and Canada.

What an incredible program!  Not to be missed! K. C. Henderson, NC


Just a quick note to say I enjoyed your presentation at the Tobacco Museum this past Friday. As a public service I've posted a link on 3 different FB sites so that people may purchase your book.

Hello Paul, it was so nice meeting you also, I really enjoyed talking with you at Karen’s Hallmarks.  Thank you for bringing your book to this Tobacco Town.

I enjoyed your program at the Perry Memorial Library . It was so very interesting.......I haven’t finished the book yet- but have enjoyed the glimpse into the past, when tobacco was king!

Good morning Paul. This note is coming to you from a VERY COLD Saskatchewan. My family moved to Maybees Corners in/around 1946 and were share growers for Matt Dean. I left the area in 1963 but still have family living in Tillsonburg. Like most folks in Tillsonburg at that time, our lives were growing tobacco, working the fields, in the barns and in the tobacco factory in the winter. I bought and have read your book “When tobacco was King”; enjoyed it very much and find myself awed by the scope of financial impact the industry had as a whole. Its unlikely that any industry rose to such heights, existed for 40-60 years then collapsed as quickly. Again, thanks for the good read.

I've always had a negative view regarding tobacco, and while I continue to discourage smoking, I thoroughly enjoyed Paul Allen's book. The personal connection and the detailed research made the book a very interesting read. My knowledge of the tobacco industry has been greatly enhanced. J. B.

I bought two! One to read and one for  posterity. W. J. 

This well written and researched book gives a fascinating look at the tobacco industry in U.S.A. and Canada. As I was born and raised in the 1940's and 50's in the Canadian tobacco area it was particularly interesting to me but will be an enjoyable eye opener for anyone interested in history. Larry D.

The talk at the Tillsonburg Legion was VERY good. The book is excellent. I highly recommend it. Mary S-D.


“As a business and social history, When Tobacco Was King is thorough and detailed and a pleasure to read.” David McNeil, Professor of English at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia 


“Paul Allen’s book took me back to a time I treasure.” Lewis Bowling, Professor at North Carolina Centra University, Raleigh, North Carolina


....”a fascinating portrait of business in the pre-MBA era.” Scott Ellsworth, Professor of Afro-American Studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan


"When Tobacco was King is truly a worldly experience.” Carene Morrison, Curator Delhi Tobacco Museum, Delhi, Ontario


....”thoroughly researched and clearly written.” Dan Jordan, Retired Professor of History, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia


“Paul Allen melds historical fact with humour and empathy.” Katie Graham, Curator Delhi Tobacco Museum


“The well-crafted text brings a qualified perspective to the people, places and events that created an industry that ultimately molded the character and culture of our communities and region.” Stephen Molnar, Mayor of Tillsonburg